Superior Aviation
Competitive rates with the highest standard of service!

Charter- For business or pleasure, an ideal way to fly!


Flexible, professional air charter service

Our services are truly 'Superior'. Geared to the convenience of our customers utilizing some of the finest aircraft and flight crew available. 

TIME SAVINGS - Chartering an aircraft not only reduces flight time by providing point-to-point service it decreases travel time because we are able to utilize smaller airports closer to the final destinations. 

FLEXIBILITY - Fly where you want, when you want with the ability to change your itinerary as your business dictates.

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week

CONVENIENCE – Two hours in heavy traffic followed by another thirty stressful minutes in line waiting to check-in with a final dash to the gate before the flight closes. Not exactly the best preparation for a critical business meeting. There is an alternative. A short drive to the local airport arriving minutes before departure met by the pilot and escorted straight to the aircraft.

IMPROVED MARKETING EFFICIENCY – Chartering not only extends the reach of a sales force, they can quickly and easily bring customers to the point of sale.

COST - When you consider the value of your time spent away from the office combined with the inconvenience and discomfort of using a busy airport or the eight hours of driving time along with hotel bills and meals, it soon becomes clear that for the reasons outlined above a private chartered aircraft is indeed a cost effective and efficient business tool.

Three passengers or eight, we can get you to that two-hour meeting and home in time for dinner.  You will not have to wait at large airports to make airline connections or deal with lost baggage.

Call us today, and you'll be pleasantly surprised about how economical chartering can be.