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A private pilot’s license is a great way for individuals like you to take to the air. Becoming a Private Pilot is a challenging commitment, but worth all of your hard work once you can share the joy of flight with your family and friends.

Superior Aviation instructors will be your primary source of information. We want to encourage a learning environment by including you in our small family at Superior as well as welcoming you into the small community of pilots. A private pilot’s license is a very cost-effective way to start your journey into the world of aviation. If you’re interested in starting your training you can schedule an introductory discovery flight. Once you complete this fun flight you can decide if flying is for you.

Once your decision has been made to start your training with Superior Aviation we will work with you around your schedule and availability. All that is needed to start your training is a valid driver's license, proof of citizenship or clearance, and an official medical certificate.

Our syllabus and federal regulation dictate a minimum of 40 hours of flight training in our single engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This training will vary in range from local flight, cross country flights, and ten hours of solo flight. The amount of flight time and actual training will vary based on individual learning requirements and considerations. In addition to flight training, Superior will also be offering four sessions of ground training in order for you to fully understand the principles of flight, systems, weather, and federal regulations.

There is a Private Pilot Knowledge Test mandatory of all Private Pilot applicants. The written exam will be a multiple choice, computer based test. We recommend purchasing the Gleim Private Pilot Knowledge Test Study Guide to help with your preparation for this test. There are testing centers throughout Northern Wisconsin, the most conveniently located being in Green Bay.
When your training with us has been completed, you will be a proficient pilot and be ready to take your final check ride with a designated examiner. Once you have successfully become a Private Pilot you will have a whole new spectrum of experiences in front of you, from summer fly-ins throughout the Upper Peninsula to scenic flights over some of the most beautiful terrain in the country.

No idea where to start, we know where you are at. We all began with the same dream—to fly. Superior Aviation’s First Flight Discovery is designed to allow you to “discover’ the joy of flight.

  • Affordably priced at just $50

  • First Flight Discovery makes a great gift!

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  • Aircraft rentals
    • Cessna Skyhawk $125/wet/hour
  • Instructors
    • $25/hour